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Outdoor Mother's Day Tea


Valentine's Day Tea

Come enjoy a tea party at the same table that hosted Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Mark Twain!

Themed Tea Parties

Paranormal Activi-tea & other themed tea parties include:


1 hour for tea party

2 hours investigating

See event calendar for details on specific tea parties or call for questions. 

Private Tea Party Packages


Basic Package: $40/person

*only includes 1 hour tea party. Tea & scones will be served.

Additional desserts: $25/person
Additional 2 hour guided paranormal  investigation: $30/person

*additional charges will be added to basic package prices

ex: Basic Package + Additional desserts would be $65/person.

Call for questions/reservations.


For potential availability or themed tea parties, see our event calendar.


Outdoor Mother's Day Tea


Nightmare Before Christmas Tea Party (Dec)

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